18 september 2010

1955 Sewing Book & Knitting Project

I don't know if there is a seamstress among my readers, but if you're into vintage clothes and making them yourself from old patterns, this could make your mouth water...

It's my 'sewing manual' from 1955, it's in dutch of course. It might has well have been in russian, because I can't sew at all. I just look at the pictures.

brother and sister sailor suit!


I did start my first knitting project for this Fall. Again, I'm not much of a knitter, but I can manage to do a scarf. I'm known for making the same scarf over and over again in  different colours and fabrics and giving them away to anyone who says they like them... I'll you show the scarf when it's finished, could be days, could be weeks, who knows?

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  1. Oh, dat boek lijkt me geweldig!! En ik wil binnenkort weer de pennen erbij pakken maar ik weet nog niet wat te maken. Misschien een sjaal haha :D Ik ben er ook geen held in hoor... hihi
    Fijne zondag!

  2. I guess it's because autumn is announcing itself...but I really wanna learn how to use a sewing machine and start fumbling fabrics in the weekend. I'm as green as Kermit when it comes to kitting and sewing, so no complicated patterns for me ...just handkerchiefs and towls but it's a start :)
    ...first I'll have to buy myself a sewing machine. Nevertheless...please show us your progress and creations!!

    groetjes uit het verrrrre zeer stille kantoor in Antwerpen ;-)

  3. @Kiki & Sophie: Almost done...I'll post the pictures as soon as it's finished! I'm already thinking about doing one in a mustard-colour :). And as for sewing...if only I had a Singer machine and a clue of what to do with it! x


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