24 augustus 2010

Can't wait for Fall to start: stockings!

I know summer hasn't ended yet, but the weather we've been having lately has made me long for my favorite season of the year: Fall! It's the season I was born in so maybe that's why I'm so fond of it. What's more, I can start wearing darker colours again without getting remarks about wearing too much black in summertime! I've been doing some research on retro style stockings because I feel like wearing a lot of dresses this Fall.

I love the classic seamed stocking, especially in red and with the pattern on the heel:

Fishnet stockings, I can't get used to, I just don't think they're comfortable...although they can be pretty.

picture by Russell Gay 1955

I'm definitely on the lookout for a pair of these diamond backseamed stockings:

Dita von Teese Stockings

I'm going for seams!

23 augustus 2010

An eye for detail - Italy part 2

I can go to any place in general and all I look at are the little details. I've been wondering about that lately, what's up with that? But hey, maybe that's just me.

How long was I staring at these cute boxes?

Well...quite some time to be honest.

Ah, and the Italians and leather...

My sister had to drag me away from this Italian vintage jewellery shop.
Sadly, it was closed, I had to take the picture from outside the window.

This shop was 'so vintage', the prices were still in Italian Lire instead of Euro.

And I saw many irresistible shopwindows:

This is not a painting...it's a bakery.

18 augustus 2010

Why I felt at home - Italy part 1

Well, I don’t know where to start! Italy was lovely: sun, stunning views, excellent food & wine…I miss it already!

But I’m not going to bore you with typical holiday stories! No, let’s get into the details of things! I found so many lovely little trinkets all over the place… And I’ve been such a good girl (as you may have noticed, I’m a bit of a shopaholic), because I hardly bought any of them. I did take pictures though.

I love the way some Italian brands hold on to original packaging… who needs boring products when you can have this?

Ok, ok, this I did buy: Roberts Rose water. And I must say I love the effect the rose water has on my skin (you have to try it!).

I also adored these calendars...very Italian retro:

and what about these in your kitchen...

...or bathroom?

I'll move on to bags, shoes and jewellery next!

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