9 april 2011

Revolutionary Road outfits

I watched Revolutionary Road last night. I want all the outfits... I love the colours, the simple designs and the little details.

31 maart 2011

Prancing around in Peacock

I'm not really a follower of fashion, but sometimes little things do catch my attention. I find myself being drawn to the peacock accessories I see everywhere. The peacock feather oozes elegance and I just love the colours!
new look

Peacock Headband
Bag Charm Urban Outfitters
The trick is, not to overdo it!

28 maart 2011

Sweet Soup for Springtime eating

Spring is definitely in the air in Belgium! Can you feel it? I already feel the need for light lunches and al fresco dining! My mother gave me a great recipe for a sweet soup with a bit of a ginger kick to it. It's so simple and perfect for eating outdoors with some sunshine to reflect the bright orange colour!

sweet potato and ginger soup

Sweet potato & ginger soup:

4 sweet potatoes

1 onions

2 cm fresh ginger

1l chicken stock

1 dl milk

2 tsp olive oil

salt & pepper

Peel the potatoes and cut them into pieces.
Heat the oil and sweat the onions.
Add the potatoes and the sliced ginger.
Pour the stock into the mixture and leave it to simmer for 20 minutes at a low heat.
Mix the soup, add the milk and pepper & salt to taste.
Done! Add a little sour cream if you like...

24 maart 2011

Retro Cosmetics

It's so difficult to find eyeshadow that isn't glimmering and shiny. I always go for the matte colours, but I hardly find any, there is always some shimmer to it. I like a look that is soft and matte... But I may have to change my mind. And this is why:

In my quest for truly gorgeous retro make-up, I recently stumbled upon Besame cosmetics. These products are so beautifully packaged I don't even care if my eyelids are so shimmery that people have to wear sunglasses! If you are looking for retro glamour, search no more!

I know I sound like an advertisement, but I really mean this, it's so pretty I want to have the whole range. To prove it I'll show you the difference between my matte and perfectly fine nivea eyeshadow en the besame one:

Lucille is finally online

I'm so sorry I neglected this blog for so long. I have been so busy with getting the webshop online. But it's finally here and I am proud to present: Lucille !

I have a modest collection now, but I'm definitely going to add new items very soon. I hope you all are well and I will be catching up with you and your blogs in the next few days! x

19 februari 2011

Giveaway Winner

I'm happy to announce that thesueperblog is the winner of the Sailorette Jewellery Set and handbag! Please e-mail me with your contact details!

10 februari 2011

Give-away: embrace your inner sailorette

I kept you waiting... But it's here: the anniversary Give-away!

Sailorette Jewellery Set - the bracelet and earrings, made by me
cute vintage handbag

Just leave a comment below to enter...

A winner will be chosen at random and will be announced here on Saturday February 19th. Feel free to link this to your blog so more readers will have a chance to win!

2 februari 2011

1 year anniversary

Today this blog exists 1 year! I'm happy I made it this far... And of course, as promised, I'm doing an anniversary give-away later on this week! You will find out more about this soon. Anyway thank you all for reading, and my aim -as always- is to blog more, bigger and better all the time!

1 februari 2011

award - have to tell you all my secrets! not.

I recently got a Stylish Blogger Award from sophiesweetvintage. Many thanks for that. I'm supposed to tell some things about myself that you probably don't know, so here it goes (let's see if I can come up with something interesting):

  • I studied to become a journalist and although I work in television, which is also in the media sector, I still want to do some more writing, but somehow I always end up back doing television productions.

  • I come from a very musical family. My boyfriend sometimes hides away in shame behind the sofa when the whole family is at home. Because when one of us starts singing, we all sing along. It's like a really tacky musical scene, we don't really give it a second thought, I guess it can be annoying to those who didn't grow up like me and my singing siblings. I used to play the flute as well, now I'm just sad I didn't choose to learn to play the piano...

  • Things I don't eat: mayonaise and garlic. yuck.
  • Things I eat too much of: cheese and pasta. yum.

  • I've mentioned my daughters before, but never given their names away. Well, they are Mia and Mona. My two little darlings.

  • For the last month, I've been listening to just one cd in my car (and since I have a daily commute of about 2 hours, that's a lot of repeats): The Alkali Flats - live. It just brings me in a better mood when I'm stuck in traffic. I'm afraid to jinx my good mood by putting on another record.

  • I'm very curious. The verb to google, or in fact google itself, must have been invented for people like me. I google everything...just to see what it says. If I have a conversation during lunch that's interesting, I google the subject to know more about it. I google for spelling checks, driving directions, pictures, blogs, books, you name it, I google it. Ok, this just makes me sound creepy. Enough with the award-confessions!
I tag:

29 januari 2011

a week in pictures

Stuck in traffic, what's new?

work hard - need to clean up my desk

watching The Big Lebowsky - again -still funny

Birthday Party for my eldest - 5 already!

Making Hello Kitty cakes and bonbons - yum

Introducing Spring in the house - hoping to speed the seasons up

Buying stock for the webshop!

 rock 'n roll concert last night!

17 januari 2011

let's get 2011 started!

Best wishes to everyone. May the New Year be peaceful and happy!

I finally got a chance to write this year's first post...

I ended 2010 with winning a give-away! And guess what, I started 2011 with winning another one!
This time I won Sophie Sweet Vintage's give-away: an awesome handbag. Lucky me! I got it in the mail on Friday and the bag has been in use since the weekend!  I brought it into work today and already people noticed it right away. Thank you Sophie!

In February I will be celebrating the first anniversary of The Lady Chooses and what better to celebrate with than a new giveaway of my own. I owe you ladies for all the presents I got last year!

What else is new? Well, my big project I was talking about last year. I'm really busy with starting up my own little webshop in clothing and accessories! It must come as no surprise that this would be the next step in my webshopping addiction. The idea had been brewing since September when I turned 32, I felt I needed to do something for myself workwise. I must say I'm already loving the whole process and I hope to be online in 2 or 3 months!
I hope you all are well and I will follow up soon with a 'real' post! X
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