29 september 2010

London: all about shopping, Hori Smoku Sailor Jerry and Kingly Court

Edgar Hoill - Photography (as shown at the convention)

Last weekend was a busy one with tons of things to do at the London tattoo convention. I finally got a chance to see the Hori Smoku movie  (the life of legend tattooist Sailor Jerry) at the convention! They even gave out free samples of Sailor Jerry Rum, so I was sipping away cosily in my seat while watching the movie! If you're a fan of old school tattoos, this film is a must-see!

Another must every year, is a visit to Kingly Court. I just love the little shops, particularly All the fun of the fair where I bought some vintage buttons to complete my scarf. It was the perfect little safe haven amidst the busy city.

Kingly Court

Candy Cakes Cappucino

Something Hells - barber shop

Of course I also stopped stopped by three other favorite shops near Carnaby Street, to drool over their products:
MAC Store

Ollie & Nic Store

Benefit Store

18 september 2010

1955 Sewing Book & Knitting Project

I don't know if there is a seamstress among my readers, but if you're into vintage clothes and making them yourself from old patterns, this could make your mouth water...

It's my 'sewing manual' from 1955, it's in dutch of course. It might has well have been in russian, because I can't sew at all. I just look at the pictures.

brother and sister sailor suit!


I did start my first knitting project for this Fall. Again, I'm not much of a knitter, but I can manage to do a scarf. I'm known for making the same scarf over and over again in  different colours and fabrics and giving them away to anyone who says they like them... I'll you show the scarf when it's finished, could be days, could be weeks, who knows?

16 september 2010

Handwriting etiquette


I hate writing with a regular pen. My handwriting always looks ugly and inconsistent. That's why I dug up my 'Parker Pen' and I'm introducing it back into my life! (stains and all)

I recently read about Amy Vanderbilt who wrote 'The complete book of etiquette' in 1952. And I wondered what she had to say about handwriting in those days. I looked it up and frankly, I just couldn't stop reading...and smiling:

Typewriter versus penmanship:

"Why should typewriting pretend to be
anything else but? As for handwriting personal letters, with certain exceptions I'll note, avoid it unless your penmanship is beautifully clear."

The colour of your ink:

"I had a friend who went so far as to have brown ink for her typewriter ribbon, for use with a light brown paper, and she signed her name with brown ink. This I cannot recommend. Nor do I like purple ink or any shade of red, though I have known some very proper old ladies to pen their notes with purple ink, which may explain my prejudice. It seems elderly."
They say your handwriting reveals your personality... I wonder what mine says about me? Would Amy have found my writing elegant enough or would she have me use the ultrafancy fifties typewriter?

9 september 2010

London Tattoo Convention

Enough with all the girly-girly stuff, well... at least for one post.

In September we always visit the London Tattoo Convention at Tobacco Dock, and this year is no different...

Last year I got the coolest old school sailor tattoo from this man: Italian Rooster. I liked his work because it almost lookes sepia and his style is very detailed. It was the first tattoo that I got that wasn't inked by my boyfriend, he did help with the design though. This year I don't have an appointment (yet, hehe!), but I'm hoping to get a lot of new ideas. I find that being around tattooists and tattoos all the time, I just don't know where to start. But once you do start getting tattoos, it's hard to stop. I do realize this is not for everyone, it's a way of life as far as I'm concerned. 

Well, we're visiting the convention 24-25-26th of September, so this post will definitely be continued.

Perfectly tinted

*Sigh*: my new found addiction: Lip tint. It’s not gloss and it’s not lipstick, it just gives your lips a touch of colour and the matte look works out fine for me. Especially on weekdays! Apparently it's been for sale for quite some time, but I only noticed this one in H&M a week ago...and I'm smitten.
  The colour? 'Help to find Mr Right'...

And if after last week, you were looking for seamed stockings? I bought these ones at Bijenkorf.

Kunert/ also available in red!
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