28 mei 2010

Have a great weekend & Giveaway

Another busy weekend ahead...Hope you have a nice one!

Don't forget about the giveaway if you haven't entered yet!

I hope you are enjoying some nice weather

26 mei 2010

GIVEAWAY! Tell your friends!

I think it's time for a little giveaway, my first one! Since I don't have very many official followers, I don't know how many among you will enter, if any. But don't be shy and feel free to enter even if you're a first time reader, the giveaway is open to everyone, everywhere! Because I know you all rock and roll

Just leave a comment below to enter...
A winner will be chosen at random and will be announced here on Saturday June 5th. Feel free to link this to your blog so more readers will have a chance to win!

Now...what am I giving away? This cute bracelet, brand new and adorable. I've been thinking about selling some accessories at the tattoo shop and this is what I have in mind! So be the first person to wear one - or to be honest, the second person, because I'm already wearing one myself as well-... I wish you good luck!

20 mei 2010

Vintage radio & multipurpose TV

I want show you some of my dearest possessions. They're old, beautiful and I love them. A lot of sentimental value is attached to them...

The first one is my Océanic Goélette Radio (1958),which still plays music! Even the lights still work (my father used to fix old radios in his spare time, so we're very happy to have all those vintage radios in an excellent state).

The second one is a Philips television. Of course this one doesn't work anymore, but it makes a great nightstand in our spare room. Guests love it!

Who needs flatscreen television?

13 mei 2010

Announcing: upcoming giveaway! and more

Right...three things:

1. It doesn't take much to make me chuckle, but this has got me grinning for about a week now so I thought I'd share...:

Adam Forman Painting

"In memory of my memory. Lost but not forgotten"
I know, i'm easily amused.

2. I have plans to organise a giveaway soon, so be sure to watch out for that! 

3. I thought you might like to know that Ollie & Nic are organising a Benefit Cosmetics competition: the prizes are really nice!

12 mei 2010

Wishlist 5

It's time for another wishlist! My must haves for the summer:

Edith & Ella summer dress

11 mei 2010

The lady in Red

Last year I got the greatest gift from one of my best friends. I was having a hard time, my father passed away, my sister had been very ill, I had a brand new baby and it was a lot to cope with. My friend decided I needed some perking up and she took me to a dress maker as a surprise and had this lovely dress made for me. It's shocking red and it literally brightens up everyone's day (whether they like it or not, it's that kind of red). I'll always cherish this dress, not only because it's beautiful, but also because it seemed the first splash of colour when everything in life appeared grey for such a long time. Ironically the designer's brand name is called 'C'est quoi la vie?' (What is life?) One thing I know for sure: it's nothing without friends and family.

10 mei 2010

Eyeliner: I never gave up

I love putting on liquid eyeliner, that is...I love having eyeliner on my eyelids. Putting it on is a very different matter all together. I've been using eyeliner since I was about 17, I am 31 now and sometimes it still takes me half an hour to get it right! Now there are several great eyeliner tutorials (like this one from Casey) and blogposts about this subject. (And yes, I am making another one right now!) Actually I am not the right person to show you how to do it (I need about 5 q-tips to get the line the way I want it and I even use my blow dryer, which my daughter finds very disturbing -why do you blow dry your eyes??-), but I am somewhat experienced in buying eyeliner stuff! After years of trying every eyeliner available I decided to go with the MAC Blacktrack fluidline eyeliner which you put on -in my opinion- the old school way: with a brush. And for me it's the easiest way. I just wanted to share this because a lot of women get discouraged when attempting to put on eyeliner, but don't! Q-tips, blacktrack and blow dryer to the rescue!

I use brushes number 208 & 210

A second and -cheaper- favorite of mine is the Bourjois Liner Pinceau. It's a lot runnier than the blacktrack and this -again- is where my blowdryer-tip comes in handy! Dry the line before it smudges!

And if you really want to know how I do it:
here it goes:
-I always pull back the eyelid from the corner of my eye
-I make a rather thick line on the eyelid as close to my eye lashes as possible. I make the line really thick so I can take the excess of with a q-tip. I use the blowdryer to dry the line so it doesn't smudge anymore when I'm using the q-tip. As an end result I'm always looking for a very fine, thin line.
-Then I take the q-tip(s), wet it with some eye makeup remover and I make the line thinner and straight by removing the top of it, leaving the part closest to the eyelashes alone.

Note to reader: taking a decent un-scary picture of my own eye was even more difficult than putting on the eyeliner!

Tattoo Conventions

It's that time of year again where we're deciding to which tattooconventions we're going to go to and work at this year and the next. Luckily in Belgium there is an uprise of the number of good conventions to attend. Organizers are making these venues more and more about a combination of good quality tattoos (which of course is the most important thing), good music (tattooing and rock'n roll go hand in hand), good food and great atmosphere. One of the most stunning places I've ever been to is the Alkmaar convention in The Netherlands, because it's located in a church, it's very impressive! The London convention  is also a great example of a wow!-location. I love strolling around, looking at everybody's work and ink and I'm just happy to be in London! Another convention where I had the best time was in Oudenaarde, Belgium: The first jazz, soul en rock'n roll tattoo convention: a great mix of music and tattooists. Very entertaining for the girl who tags along!



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