11 mei 2010

The lady in Red

Last year I got the greatest gift from one of my best friends. I was having a hard time, my father passed away, my sister had been very ill, I had a brand new baby and it was a lot to cope with. My friend decided I needed some perking up and she took me to a dress maker as a surprise and had this lovely dress made for me. It's shocking red and it literally brightens up everyone's day (whether they like it or not, it's that kind of red). I'll always cherish this dress, not only because it's beautiful, but also because it seemed the first splash of colour when everything in life appeared grey for such a long time. Ironically the designer's brand name is called 'C'est quoi la vie?' (What is life?) One thing I know for sure: it's nothing without friends and family.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Mooi verhaal, maar vooral een prachtige jurk! Er zouden eens wat meer mensen van deze vrolijke kleuren moeten dragen, de wereld zou er plots een pak gezelliger uitzien!

  2. What a sweet friend! My dad died right after Dotty was born. It is such a contradiction, life & death. I agree I couldn't have pushed through it with out friends and family to lean on.

  3. @Coedith: That must have been so difficult, to be torn between those feelings, the happiness of having a baby and then there is the grief, I can really relate to that...impossible without your friends to keep you sane! But somehow you do survive, be it with a lot of heartache... x


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