10 mei 2010

Eyeliner: I never gave up

I love putting on liquid eyeliner, that is...I love having eyeliner on my eyelids. Putting it on is a very different matter all together. I've been using eyeliner since I was about 17, I am 31 now and sometimes it still takes me half an hour to get it right! Now there are several great eyeliner tutorials (like this one from Casey) and blogposts about this subject. (And yes, I am making another one right now!) Actually I am not the right person to show you how to do it (I need about 5 q-tips to get the line the way I want it and I even use my blow dryer, which my daughter finds very disturbing -why do you blow dry your eyes??-), but I am somewhat experienced in buying eyeliner stuff! After years of trying every eyeliner available I decided to go with the MAC Blacktrack fluidline eyeliner which you put on -in my opinion- the old school way: with a brush. And for me it's the easiest way. I just wanted to share this because a lot of women get discouraged when attempting to put on eyeliner, but don't! Q-tips, blacktrack and blow dryer to the rescue!

I use brushes number 208 & 210

A second and -cheaper- favorite of mine is the Bourjois Liner Pinceau. It's a lot runnier than the blacktrack and this -again- is where my blowdryer-tip comes in handy! Dry the line before it smudges!

And if you really want to know how I do it:
here it goes:
-I always pull back the eyelid from the corner of my eye
-I make a rather thick line on the eyelid as close to my eye lashes as possible. I make the line really thick so I can take the excess of with a q-tip. I use the blowdryer to dry the line so it doesn't smudge anymore when I'm using the q-tip. As an end result I'm always looking for a very fine, thin line.
-Then I take the q-tip(s), wet it with some eye makeup remover and I make the line thinner and straight by removing the top of it, leaving the part closest to the eyelashes alone.

Note to reader: taking a decent un-scary picture of my own eye was even more difficult than putting on the eyeliner!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow, ik wist niet dat het zo'n gedoe was. Nu durf ik er helemaal niet meer aan te beginnen... Ik draag eigenlijk nooit make-up. Ik heb het maar 2 of 3 keer geprobeerd en het werd altijd zo'n smosboel dat ik het maar voor bekeken hield.

  2. oei ja, dat was dus niet de bedoeling he, dat je er niet meer aan durft te beginnen!!

  3. I'll have to try that MAC black. As I get older I have gone to softer colors. But Oh how I miss black!

  4. I am more into pen style liners. Here is a great tutorial if you are using one of those: http://www.mademoisellerobot.com/2010/03/mrtv-how-to-apply-eyeliner-60s-french.html


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