20 mei 2010

Vintage radio & multipurpose TV

I want show you some of my dearest possessions. They're old, beautiful and I love them. A lot of sentimental value is attached to them...

The first one is my Océanic Goélette Radio (1958),which still plays music! Even the lights still work (my father used to fix old radios in his spare time, so we're very happy to have all those vintage radios in an excellent state).

The second one is a Philips television. Of course this one doesn't work anymore, but it makes a great nightstand in our spare room. Guests love it!

Who needs flatscreen television?

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Wauw, those are really beautiful items! I still have a little pink Barbie television from 10 years ago, unfortunately it doesn't work either.

  2. nog snel een berichtje voor mijn vertrek. zo'n oude stukken geven toch veel sfeer aan een ruimte!Heel mooi!
    Goed week-end,
    Greetz from Tiz,xxx

  3. Prachtig die toestellen! Jammer genoeg had ik geen handige harry's en vooral veel vooruitziende vrouwen in de familie, dus al die "oude rommel" is jammer genoeg op het stort beland...


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