10 mei 2010

Tattoo Conventions

It's that time of year again where we're deciding to which tattooconventions we're going to go to and work at this year and the next. Luckily in Belgium there is an uprise of the number of good conventions to attend. Organizers are making these venues more and more about a combination of good quality tattoos (which of course is the most important thing), good music (tattooing and rock'n roll go hand in hand), good food and great atmosphere. One of the most stunning places I've ever been to is the Alkmaar convention in The Netherlands, because it's located in a church, it's very impressive! The London convention  is also a great example of a wow!-location. I love strolling around, looking at everybody's work and ink and I'm just happy to be in London! Another convention where I had the best time was in Oudenaarde, Belgium: The first jazz, soul en rock'n roll tattoo convention: a great mix of music and tattooists. Very entertaining for the girl who tags along!




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