16 september 2010

Handwriting etiquette


I hate writing with a regular pen. My handwriting always looks ugly and inconsistent. That's why I dug up my 'Parker Pen' and I'm introducing it back into my life! (stains and all)

I recently read about Amy Vanderbilt who wrote 'The complete book of etiquette' in 1952. And I wondered what she had to say about handwriting in those days. I looked it up and frankly, I just couldn't stop reading...and smiling:

Typewriter versus penmanship:

"Why should typewriting pretend to be
anything else but? As for handwriting personal letters, with certain exceptions I'll note, avoid it unless your penmanship is beautifully clear."

The colour of your ink:

"I had a friend who went so far as to have brown ink for her typewriter ribbon, for use with a light brown paper, and she signed her name with brown ink. This I cannot recommend. Nor do I like purple ink or any shade of red, though I have known some very proper old ladies to pen their notes with purple ink, which may explain my prejudice. It seems elderly."
They say your handwriting reveals your personality... I wonder what mine says about me? Would Amy have found my writing elegant enough or would she have me use the ultrafancy fifties typewriter?

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh, wat een goed idee dat je de pen weer oppakt :) Mijn handschrift is echt niet mooi - nooit geweest ook. Tsja... snel typen kan ik als de beste, ha!

  2. Ritme! Alles in het leven draait om ritme...dus als je schrijft in een zelfde ritme blijven..soms een salsa, soms een blues.
    Schrijven is heerlijk...eindelijk weer even contact met papier.


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