9 september 2010

London Tattoo Convention

Enough with all the girly-girly stuff, well... at least for one post.

In September we always visit the London Tattoo Convention at Tobacco Dock, and this year is no different...

Last year I got the coolest old school sailor tattoo from this man: Italian Rooster. I liked his work because it almost lookes sepia and his style is very detailed. It was the first tattoo that I got that wasn't inked by my boyfriend, he did help with the design though. This year I don't have an appointment (yet, hehe!), but I'm hoping to get a lot of new ideas. I find that being around tattooists and tattoos all the time, I just don't know where to start. But once you do start getting tattoos, it's hard to stop. I do realize this is not for everyone, it's a way of life as far as I'm concerned. 

Well, we're visiting the convention 24-25-26th of September, so this post will definitely be continued.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. ik heb zelf geen tattoo maar heb heel vaak zin om te beginnen!!Ik zie dat ontzettend graag!Ik heb de site bezocht van de italian rooster, super!!

  2. @Tiz. Italian Rooster zit in Milaan, je kan er misschien eens binnenspringen ;).


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