1 februari 2011

award - have to tell you all my secrets! not.

I recently got a Stylish Blogger Award from sophiesweetvintage. Many thanks for that. I'm supposed to tell some things about myself that you probably don't know, so here it goes (let's see if I can come up with something interesting):

  • I studied to become a journalist and although I work in television, which is also in the media sector, I still want to do some more writing, but somehow I always end up back doing television productions.

  • I come from a very musical family. My boyfriend sometimes hides away in shame behind the sofa when the whole family is at home. Because when one of us starts singing, we all sing along. It's like a really tacky musical scene, we don't really give it a second thought, I guess it can be annoying to those who didn't grow up like me and my singing siblings. I used to play the flute as well, now I'm just sad I didn't choose to learn to play the piano...

  • Things I don't eat: mayonaise and garlic. yuck.
  • Things I eat too much of: cheese and pasta. yum.

  • I've mentioned my daughters before, but never given their names away. Well, they are Mia and Mona. My two little darlings.

  • For the last month, I've been listening to just one cd in my car (and since I have a daily commute of about 2 hours, that's a lot of repeats): The Alkali Flats - live. It just brings me in a better mood when I'm stuck in traffic. I'm afraid to jinx my good mood by putting on another record.

  • I'm very curious. The verb to google, or in fact google itself, must have been invented for people like me. I google everything...just to see what it says. If I have a conversation during lunch that's interesting, I google the subject to know more about it. I google for spelling checks, driving directions, pictures, blogs, books, you name it, I google it. Ok, this just makes me sound creepy. Enough with the award-confessions!
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