24 maart 2011

Retro Cosmetics

It's so difficult to find eyeshadow that isn't glimmering and shiny. I always go for the matte colours, but I hardly find any, there is always some shimmer to it. I like a look that is soft and matte... But I may have to change my mind. And this is why:

In my quest for truly gorgeous retro make-up, I recently stumbled upon Besame cosmetics. These products are so beautifully packaged I don't even care if my eyelids are so shimmery that people have to wear sunglasses! If you are looking for retro glamour, search no more!

I know I sound like an advertisement, but I really mean this, it's so pretty I want to have the whole range. To prove it I'll show you the difference between my matte and perfectly fine nivea eyeshadow en the besame one:

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