18 augustus 2010

Why I felt at home - Italy part 1

Well, I don’t know where to start! Italy was lovely: sun, stunning views, excellent food & wine…I miss it already!

But I’m not going to bore you with typical holiday stories! No, let’s get into the details of things! I found so many lovely little trinkets all over the place… And I’ve been such a good girl (as you may have noticed, I’m a bit of a shopaholic), because I hardly bought any of them. I did take pictures though.

I love the way some Italian brands hold on to original packaging… who needs boring products when you can have this?

Ok, ok, this I did buy: Roberts Rose water. And I must say I love the effect the rose water has on my skin (you have to try it!).

I also adored these calendars...very Italian retro:

and what about these in your kitchen...

...or bathroom?

I'll move on to bags, shoes and jewellery next!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Die bouillonblokjes met eekhoorntjesbrood zijn vast fantastisch! Zou heerlijk zijn in mijn paddestoelenrisotto denk ik. Dat ze dat maar eens exporteren naar België!

  2. Oh, ik hou zo van Italie :) Dat flesje rozenwater is zo cute! Wat heb je je goed weten in te houden! :P

  3. Leuke blog. I love vintage too!
    have a nice day!


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