2 december 2010

Christmas Gifts part 2

The Rockabillies by Jennifer Greenburg. This book has inspiring pictures, I could live in it. Available on Amazon.

I love body butter by The Body Shop. I have a whole collection of them and I use them almost daily. At christmas time they have limited editions, can't wait to check out this one: spiced vanilla. A perfect scent for under the Christmas tree no doubt...

Got a man that's just a little bit extravagant? Well how about buying him some spitfire cufflinks....he will need a buttonless shirt as well of course.

Swallows, owls, ...birds are always elegant. Check out these bracelets.

I know it's not done to have coloured wine glasses. In my opinion this set would make any wine taste great! If you give this present to the lucky receiver before Christmas dinner, they can go right onto the table, hehe.
House Doctor at Deens

A girl needs a good make-up mirror to get her eyeliner straight! Anything Rice is irresistible.
Kleine Zebra

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