14 december 2010

Shopping bag

I won the fabulous Greetz from Tiz give-away! Last week I got this beautiful shopping bag by mail and I'm so happy with it. The gift-wrapping was also very cute! And it's so much more fun to go out grocery shopping with this bag at hand. It's really big, so it definitely comes in handy. Thank you again, Tiz, I love your style! Do check out her blog and Etsy shop!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Jeej, gefeliciteerd! Zo'n mooi pakketje krijgen is altijd fijn :)

  2. damn, ik had ook meegedaan maar jij bent er mee gaan lopen ;p

  3. Graag gedaan!!!
    dank je wel voor deze leuke post!

  4. Wat vet! Gefeliciteerd. Alvast een kerst cadeautje !


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