27 november 2010

Christmas Gifts Part 1

I'm finally here with my Christmas Gift tips! I'm always in for some cosy family time, candlelight and presents! People often ask me tips on what to buy for presents, well here are some ideas:

Vespa is pretty for the ladies and cool for the lads! Makes waking up a whole lot easier...
Manhattan nailpolish. Especially this shade (L59). I bought this last Spring and the colour was ugly. I tried wearing it again in the Autumn and it looks amazing! I've been using it ever since, it looks retro and it makes a nice change from always having bright red nails. I get so many compliments when I use this colour, so I buy it all the time to give to someone. A real hit, but do put on 2 coats to let the warm brown colour come through.

Ok ok, this I also bought for myself, but it would make an original present. I love these knitted sweaters. They're knitted from original 1940's patterns. A design I just can't find in regular shops...must buy online!
Rocket Originals
Through the Looking Glass-Diary 2011. I saw this in a shop and have been thinking about it ever since. This diary is so cute, it has pictures in it from the original Alice in Wonderland. A perfect little gift.
Teneues or Club

Ginger. Love it or hate it. People in my family can't live without it. Why not make a ginger surprise package? A porcelain Ginger grater, some fresh ginger and my lovely Ginger Tea recipe:
Squeeze the juice of a tangerine into a teacup. Grate some ginger and let it cook in boiling water for a couple of minutes depending on how strong you want it to taste (ginger can get spicy hot). Add the ginger tea to the tangerine juice together with some fresh mint leaves and a couple of drops of honey. Delicious!
White Porcelain Ginger Grater or in most health food stores

Happy Lights. Big light strings of cotton balls. They are available in lovely colours and they really set the mood. I got a purple and green one for my birthday. You can hang them, put them in a bowl, drape them over the coffee table, whatever you feel like.
Happy Lights
 Stick around for part 2...

5 opmerkingen:

  1. supertips - bij sommige mensen vind ik altijd supereasy een kado, bij anderen blijf ik eeuwig twijfelen

  2. Fijne spulletjes. Vooral de agenda en die lampjes zijn erg mooi!!

    Fijn weekend! :)

  3. Ben benieuwd naar het tweede deel, want hier heb ik al wat toffe spulletjes zien voorbij komen!

  4. I have been looking for a new shade for my nails. I'm going to check that one out. Isn't Christmas shopping fun!

  5. Very useful Christmas tips! Thank you!



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