8 november 2010

Paris was perfect

La tour Eiffel
metro station

Paris was lovely! The weather was absolutely fantastic, we were so lucky. I didn't have time to stop by Ladurée for macarons, instead I bought them at a little patisserie and they were delicious! We were only staying for 1.5 days, because we were there for a surprise visit for my friend. But I loved soaking up the atmosphere. Paris is such a lovely combination of old and new, history is always around the corner. 

Moulin Rouge

Paris has a lot of little shops with just one sort of item for sale, I wish we had more of those around here. For example I found shops that just sold angel statues, all sorts and sizes and a vintage perfume bottle shop.
Vintage perfume bottle shop

The most memorable part for a shopaholic like me was the visit to the flea market of St.Ouen, Les Puces de Saint-Ouen . We came by train so buying some awesome chairs wasn't an option.

These would have looked so good in our living room

need some beads?

I'm definitely coming back here to stroll around.

Arc de Triomphe
And get some more macarons!

I also wanted to let you I'm working on a new webshop post, where to shop for your holiday shopping (and mine, hehe!).

3 opmerkingen:

  1. looks so much fun - love the colourscheme in the pics!

  2. Oh, ik krijg helemaal zin om erop uit te gaan nu ik je foto's zie :)

  3. Oh Parijs is toch prachtig he! Mooie foto's! en die macarons zien er heerlijk uit!
    Nu wil ik ook terug gaan :)


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