11 november 2010

Cake Mascara - retro eyelashes

Maybelline ad for cake mascara
I wear mascara. I wear it everyday, no exceptions, oh no! If I don't wear it, people ask if I'm either tired or sick... Mascara makes me look awake. I have an extensive collection, all black ones. My favorites are MAC zoom lash, Max Factor False Lash Effect, Bourjois Liner Effect and ArtDeco All in One. All of these give your eyelashes a bit of a retro look. I never use one at a time though, I usually use two of them togheter. I love using MAC togheter with Max Factor for example, Mac gives me the black pigment I want and Max factor just gives the lashes a cleaner, neat look.

MAC Zoom Lash

Max Factor False Lash Effect

Artdeco All in One

Bourjois Liner Effect

But what I really want to try out is Cake Mascara: mascara from the pre-wand and tube era, this was put on the market in the fifties. You apply it by using a seperate brush and dissolving some water into the pigment. I read some wonderful reviews about cake mascara on the net. And  before I order it in the USA I would still like to try to find it closer to home somewhere in Europe. So if you have any idea where to find it, please go ahead en reveal your secret! I would love to give it a try!

Lola Cosmetics - Cake Mascara

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  1. ik ben ook mascara lover - geeft direct een sterkere look. dat setje zou ik ook wel eens willen testen, of het handig zou zijn daarentegen...


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