14 oktober 2010

Knitting Progress -Scarfs galore

It's been a couple of weeks since I posted about my new scarf-project. Well, it's finished! And that's not all, in the meantime I knitted 3 scarfs... I've been going to this great knit & sew-shop (lena&zasa) where they have the most amazing wool in lovely contemporary colours. It'll better be cold this winter, so I can wear them!

Buttons bought in London
Maxi-scarf - every girl needs one:
1. for extra cold, gloomy days
2. to cuddle up in whenever, wherever
The patterns I used are all made by Jane Richmond and can be downloaded on Ravelry. If you're ever looking for great patterns, sign in on Ravelry and enter a world of knitting-fun! I love Jane's use of colour and the chunky designs!

Next on the list are some hats and scarfs for my girls...I'm on a roll!

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  1. Hoi ik kon absoluut, en nooit gehaakt, maar is cker super leuk om te doen, met boeken als guide natuurlijk, lol...

    fijne weekend!




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